Riding a Brompton on the Mittelland Route (D4 Fernradweg): Day 12

Day 12: Bad Köstritz to Meerane, 56 km

On the road again, on a relatively short ride as I crossed into the province of Saxony. I was now in countryside with a deep and somewhat radical religious history. In these parts, the ‘theologian of the revolution’, Thomas Müntzer, was active in the early 16th century, leading the Peasants Revolution. Of less interest to me, but far more to the German authorities, is the fact that Martin Luther spent much time in these parts in the 1500s. At every turn, it seemed as though he was following me – but then I realised that this year is the 500th anniversary from when he nailed his 95 theses to the church door in Wittenberg and sparked the German Reformation (the Bohemian one, further to the east and under the inspiration of Jan Hus, had begun 100 years earlier). I stayed at another great (and cheap) place, Pension zum Bauernstübel, in Meerane.











Riding a Brompton on the Mittelland Route (D4 Fernradweg): Day 11

Day 11: Kipperquelle to Bad Köstritz, 77 km

A day of long forest paths along streams, paved bicycle paths, fascinating communist era architecture, and cobbles, cobbles, cobbles … which the small wheels on the Brompton do not like so much. The day rolled by relatively quietly, with clouds billowing but the rain only coming in a late downpour. I stopped in the village of Bad Köstritz, which is also – I found out on a late evening walk – the home of Köstritzer beer. Pension Egerer was my home tonight, a quiet corner in which to have a rest day as well (see next post).