What is like for someone with a left perspective – socialist, communist, Marxist, call it what you will – to travel, observe and write? This blog explores what a left-wing traveller might touch, smell, taste, hear and see. You will read comments on people, places, experiences, quirky items noted or not, but always with a bent for politics and economics, especially for those who do not call the shots. How do I travel? I hate planes, which must be the worst form of travel invented by human beings, and avoid cars, but I love bicycles, walking, trains and ships – which will soon become obvious.

Home is always elsewhere, someone once commented. Or as Ernst Bloch, the utopian Marxist, puts it: ‘This is a place where one has never been before, although it is still native to us’ (Spirit of Utopia, p. 120)


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  1. Hi, I was always a leftie, at times even an anarchist, in fact I’ve never even voted in my entire life. This was till about 3 years ago when I met my husband. Coming from Poland, he lived through part of the Communism regime and his recollections have changed my view on socialism, utopia and other stuff very much. Just wanted to share this with you 🙂

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